Primitive skateboards, all new shapes from Powell-Peralta, the Nyjah Vulc from DC, and more!!!

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As the summer time skate sessions heat up, here at Surf Zone, we’ve got all the fresh and hesh new gear to help keep you shredding! For the first time ever, we’re proud to offer Primitive skateboards, which is P-Rod’s much anticipated new brand.  We also just got in some really nice new modern shapes from Powell-Peralta, including the all new Caballero propeller deck, which features a new version of the previously very limited propeller graphic, with artwork by the legendary VCJ, an all new Mike McGill shape, and a great new casket shape with all new VCJ artwork.  Speaking of great artwork, check out the new arrivals from Anti Hero, which feature art from none other than Lance Mountain! In the foot wear department we’ve got the all new Taurus from Globe, which is Louie Barletta’s signature shoe, the very stylish new Nyjah Vulc from DC, and the DC Centric from Josh Kalis, which is a great shoe for those of you who want some tech without the bulk. There’s also plenty of new wheels to keep you rollin’, including some new ones from Bliss, Bones SPF in 58mm in colors, Bones STF in the new V5 shape, and more! Check this stuff out, and then stop by! We’re open every day, and we’ve got all the gear to help make your summer epic!

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