Welcome skateboards now available!

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We’re proud to announce that for the first time ever, Welcome skateboards are now available at Surf Zone! Welcome skateboards is one of the most creative skate companies out there today, and one of the few companies truly doing something different.  Each board has it’s own unique shape and style. They’re not “old school” and they’re not “cruisers”. These are modern functional shapes that are built to shred! The artwork is pretty rad, too! So, if you’re tired of the same old popsicle stick shapes, and you really care about individual expression and having fun with your skating, then get yourself one of these sweet new boards from Welcome!

“Others take themselves seriously and not their products… we take our product seriously and not ourselves.If you’re sick of the current choices that have been deemed acceptable by all of the magazines, websites, and message board trolls… if you want and need something different… if you love skateboarding and don’t care about the rules… WELCOME!”

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