Hot New Shred Sleds from the Label!

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Your summer time just got hot with some all new inflammable material from Black Label! We just got in a fresh shipment of all new shred sleds from the Label’s summer 2016 collection! There’s some really nice looking shapes, which feature artwork by John Lucero, and Jason Adams. The all new Hensley shape looks great, and there’s the Jason Adams punk point with his signature stencil style rendition of Trump. Vote Label Radical Curb party in 2016! In addition to that, there’s some popsicle shapes in some bigger sizes for all you shredders out there. The Fonzie “jumping the shark” board is terrific! There’s also some radical t-shirts featuring classic Label logos. Check it out and then give us a visit to pick something up to get your summer time skate sessions ignited!

Black Label custom shapes with artwork by John Lucero (9.25" x 33.25"/ 15.5"; 8.88"x 32.375"/ 14.75"; 8.75" x 32.25"/14.5")

Black Label custom shapes with artwork by John Lucero (9.25″ x 33.25″/ 15.5″; 8.88″x 32.375″/ 14.75″; 8.75″ x 32.25″/14.5″)

(8.5' x 32.38"/14.5"; 8.38" x 32.5"/ 14.25"; 8.68" x 32.63"/ 14.75")

(8.5′ x 32.38″/14.5″; 8.38″ x 32.5″/ 14.25″; 8.68″ x 32.63″/ 14.75″)

Jason Adams Trumped Punk Point 8.68" x 32.5"/ 14.5"

Jason Adams Trumped Punk Point 8.68″ x 32.5″/ 14.5″