Almost DC Comics Villains Series and New Cliche’!!

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Hey everybody! If you’re looking for a new skateboard, we’ve got you covered with some all new decks from Almost, and Cliche’! Almost comes in strong this season, with the all new DC comics villains series, which feature some of the most iconic villains from the DC comics universe, such as Darkseid, Sinestro, the Joker, and more! These high quality decks, constructed with Dwindle resin 7 technology, would be great to put on the wall, or to put together and rip it up! Get there while you can, because these will go fast! There’s also a Rodney Mullen Impact board, with artwork by the legendary Lance Mountain, and the Snack Attack series, in the double Impact construction, which is the strongest construction available! In addition to all these cool boards, there’s also a really rad custom shaped board with artwork by Brian Lotti! Here’s the details of all the different constructions:

Resin 7: Strongest all wood deck on the market; 7 plies of Canadian Hard rock Maple, pressed together with Epoxy glue, making a stronger and lighter board, with longer lasting pop.

Impact: 8 plies of Canadian Hard rock maple, Epoxy glue, and a carbon fiber disc strategically placed around the truck area on the nose and the tail, the main stress areas of the board, creating a deck that can withstand more impact, and maintain its pop longer.

Impact Plus: Impact Plus is one of the strongest skateboard decks on the market. 8 plies of Canadian hard Rock maple, epoxy glue, carbon fiber discs around the trucks, and a full carbon fiber top sheet.

Double Impact: 7 ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple, epoxy glue, with 2 carbon fiber discs at truck mount stress points, and a full carbon fiber top laminate, to create a durable deck, with longer lasting pop, and the longest lasting new board feel.

Almost Skateboards! (November 2014)

Almost Skateboards! (November 2014)

From Cliche’, we’ve got the Gypsy Life Series in the impact constuction, the linear series in Impact Plus, and the Typewriter Series in Resin 7. The Typewriter series is really cool because they actually contain a woodburn logo beneath the graphic that becomes visible as the graphic scratches off! That’s pretty cool! And speaking of graphics, there’s the Last Supper shaped deck, with artwork from the legendary Marc Mckee, which features a plethora of iconic images all taken from the pages of skate history, mostly from the Steve Rocco days of World Industries, where the envelope was constantly being pushed.
Cliche' skateboards! (November 2014)

Cliche’ skateboards! (November 2014)

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