New stuff!

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Here’s some cool new stuff that’s come in recently!

New Black Label decks! Including this sweet number of the beast graphic!

New from Elephant!

New decks from Real and Antihero!

DGK decks!

New wheels from Bones, including the new Hawk and Mullen wheels!

A bunch of new hats from Girl, Chocolate, and Four Star! Also, don’t forget to check out #prettysweet, which comes in a special combo pack that includes DVD, Blu-ray, a photo book, and an hour of footage exclusive to this set!

The Vans Rowleys are back, this time in a badass new Motorhead colorway!

Cab, Rowley, Metallica, Motorhead, black, white….

Summer Jet surfboards are now available! Here’s two of the models, the boar and the Gieger counter.  The Boar (shown here as a quad) is a great small wave board that rides as fast as a fish, yet still retains the performance characteristics of a high performance shortboard.  The Gieger Counter is a great high performance board designed to fit in the critical part of the wave, draw out hard carves, while still maintaining speed through flat sections.

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