Be cool when you go back to school!

Back to school is creeping up quick, and we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of all new shoes, and of course, backpacks! Yep, we’ve got plenty of backpacks, but we’ll just show you a few, because we don’t want to beat you over the head with it. Just trust us on this one, we’ve got ALOT to choose from! We also got in some all new Glassy Sun Haters, so you can look cool at your school, as well as some new skateboard decks from Zoo York and Ammo! Whatever it is, we’ve got what you need to be cool when you go back to school!

Get your summer time surf boards from Summer Jet!

Let’s face it. You need to update your quiver of boards to include something for the summer time fun, or just for mediocre conditions in general.  Chances are, you’ve got a step up in the closet collecting dust that you bust out only a few times a year, and you’ve got that high performance magic slipper that makes you feel like a gyrating spastic goon unless the waves are perfect.  What you really need to do is get yourself a board that’s going to allow you to smooth out your surfing and really maximize the amount of surfing that you can actually do in mediocre conditions. Think about it, having the right type of small wave board will not only motivate you to surf more, but also improve your surfing because you’ll be able to really surf, not just hop around like a spazz, in a diverse array of less than stellar conditions, and most of all, just have more fun! Right here, we highlight three great boards from the Summer Jet arsenal that will have your summer time surf sessions poppin! Check the Summerjet board descriptions to check out other models that are available, and check our stock list to see what’s currently available!

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The Peeping Tom  is a great board to have if you want to have fun surfing in mediocre conditions! With this board even the most weak and poor quality waves become fun.  It paddles and glides like a fish, but it can still jam in the pocket like a shortboard.  A great Summer time board, and a great addition to any quiver. The quad set up gives the board a great loose feel that is essential for making the most of small waves, while still maintaining drive when the board is on rail.  If you want a board that can ride waves that you would normally need a longboard for, and you’re a fan of the glide of a fish, but don’t want the clunkiness, then this board is a must have!  Comes standard as a quad. Large fins recommended for this board.

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With the boar, weak, blown out surf becomes fun. It has low rocker, single to double concave with V out the back and a wide tail. It paddles great, gets into waves early, and crosses flat spots like it has a motor. This board is higher volume than a standard board and paddles better. Can be ridden any dimensions but the standard is 2 inches shorter, 1/2 inch wider, and the same volume as your standard board. Works great as a quad.

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The Particle Accelerator is an ultra fast small wave board  with a wider nose, low entry and exit rocker, a double concave out the tail, a wing swallow tail, and some really cool looking black rails. The wing on the tail allows for the tail to become narrower without having to add curve. This maintains that straight line that you want in the tail for the added projection, while pulling in the tail for added pivot in the pocket.  All these things come together to make a super fast high performance small wave board!

All summer jet surfboards are designed on computers and cut on a CNC (computer controlled) shaping machine. Then they are all finished by the same shaper, Bill Gieger, an expert in the field, with over thirty years of shaping experience.  This way we have compete control over every detail of the design of each board.  We use the best materials made,  including;  US Blanks, Aerialite fiberglass,  Silmar resin, and FCS II  fin boxes. Standard on every board are carbon fiber reinforced rails on the tails, a 4oz  patch on the bottom around the fin boxes,  and a glossed and wet sanded finish,  all intended to make the most durable boards possible.  The standard bottom on our boards, unless otherwise noted, is a single concave in the middle of the board, going into a single concave with a double inside it between the front fins and ending with a slight double concave “V” at  the tail.  This bottom gives the best combination of lift, or speed, and control.  Each design has different amounts of concave and “V” but the basics are the same. You can change anything you want. Custom orders are welcome!

Cliche & Diamond, Toy Machine socks, Volcom shoes, and more!

It seems that the marketing machines of many retail outlets are already reminding us that the end of summer is looming and you must prepare for going back to school. When you’re a kid trying to enjoy the summer, that’s the last thing you want to hear! Over here at Surf Zone, we know that the summer isn’t over and there’s still plenty of pizza, pool parties, and of course skate sessions to enjoy! With that in mind, let me tell you that we just got in a fresh shipment of the very popular Cliche’ & Diamond collaboration decks, as well as some new Toy Machine socks, including the all new American monster socks, and some great Toy Machine t-shirts, complete with that signature artwork and sense of humor that comes from Ed Templeton and his beloved Blood sucking skateboard company. Loyal pawns rejoice!

Don’t be a nerf herder!

The Vans x Star Wars Era in the Yoda Aloha print have just arrived! Buy these shoes, you must! They are available in a large size range for men and women. These shoes are a great addition to our already stellar collections from Star Wars, which not only include some great shoes and backpacks from Vans, but also some great looking collector’s edition skateboard decks from Santa Cruz! So, don’t be a nerf herder! Stop by and get yourself some sweet Star Wars gear!

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Primitive skateboards, all new shapes from Powell-Peralta, the Nyjah Vulc from DC, and more!!!

As the summer time skate sessions heat up, here at Surf Zone, we’ve got all the fresh and hesh new gear to help keep you shredding! For the first time ever, we’re proud to offer Primitive skateboards, which is P-Rod’s much anticipated new brand.  We also just got in some really nice new modern shapes from Powell-Peralta, including the all new Caballero propeller deck, which features a new version of the previously very limited propeller graphic, with artwork by the legendary VCJ, an all new Mike McGill shape, and a great new casket shape with all new VCJ artwork.  Speaking of great artwork, check out the new arrivals from Anti Hero, which feature art from none other than Lance Mountain! In the foot wear department we’ve got the all new Taurus from Globe, which is Louie Barletta’s signature shoe, the very stylish new Nyjah Vulc from DC, and the DC Centric from Josh Kalis, which is a great shoe for those of you who want some tech without the bulk. There’s also plenty of new wheels to keep you rollin’, including some new ones from Bliss, Bones SPF in 58mm in colors, Bones STF in the new V5 shape, and more! Check this stuff out, and then stop by! We’re open every day, and we’ve got all the gear to help make your summer epic!

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